Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer (Why Google Chrome is better than Internet Explorer)

It’s been more than a year I’m using Chrome and never wanted to go back to days of IE. I have recommended this to many friends and they had similar experience

 Why I like or feel Chrome is better? Here are the reasons that I have explored so far (comparing Chrome 23 with IE 8)
Internet Explorer
1) Chrome is lightweight and fast
I can feel the difference while launching the browsers: – IE have a lag and it’s very bad in my office due to so many restriction rules written, entire browser hangs up). Auto-complete feature is awesome in Chrome and we can customize this with any search engines. See the results in 2 browsers when typing “fl”
Internet Explorer
Chrome is powerful while booking railway tickets. All Indians who have traveled in train will know how difficult to get TATKAL tickets (train tickets that can be booked only 1 day in advance) since millions connect at the same time. Though I don’t have any proof or know the reason, Chrome is better for TATKAL tickets (Go to Settings – Advanced Settings – Disable “Predict network actions to improve page load performance”). Chrome will wait for longer time to get the page rather than giving 403 errors
Print – Chrome allows me to download as PDF, while IE gives me no-printer error (very helpful when i don’t have printer with me)
Internet Explorer
2) Tabs & copy text
These are 2 small but useful featuresTabs in chrome can be easily separated from main window, no need to start a new window.

Copy text – Its very easy to copy a part of text from paragraph in Chrome :- select the text and press right arrow to highlight and this does not work in IE

3) Favorites / Bookmarks
This is my one of the favorite feature in Chrome. Adding to bookmark is very easy – click on star icon on the top of the page. Once bookmarked, the yellow star will be shown in Chrome. There is no way to know a bookmarked page in IE. The bookmark manager interface is also really cool in Chrome
Internet Explorer
4) Downloads
Another unique feature, all downloads can be viewed and managed in single window. Even we can pause the individual file downloads and prioritize. Also I can set the destination folder to avoid the target confirmation on each download
5) Multiple Account
You can add multiple Google accounts and manage all personal data including history, bookmarks etc. I explored this feature after hearing regular complaint from my wife about difficulties in using IE.Steps to add and switch account

1) Click on top right icon and go to Settings
2) Navigate to Users tab
3) Click on Add New User – enter Google account name and password
User icon will be visible on left top corner

4) Select the icon to switch to different account
6) Incognito window
Good one if you want to browse without leaving history behind
7) Web store
Unique feature – can play games like angry birds, cut the rope by visiting Chrome web store and adding them to my browser
Chrome is dong well in smartphones too – it was one of the top downloads in Apple store after the launch. Its compatible in Android 4.0 + devices and loving it in my tabSo, that’s my experience. Have you tried Chrome and felt the same difference? Or did you find more useful features of Chrome? Feel free to write your comments… Thanks for reading


2 thoughts on “Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer (Why Google Chrome is better than Internet Explorer)

  1. I have to admit, Chrome has some advantages that makes me prefer to Internet Explorer. I really like the customization of my browser, the more modern look, the fact that what you type can be auto corrected for grammatical errors, searching images by right clicking, searching words/phrases effortlessly (by highlighting, right click and an option appears saying: Search Google for “x”)… the list goes on.

    The new Internet Explorer 8, I believe, I haven’t tried but I’m interested in knowing the changes and improvements it’s made. I’m on a bit of an anti-google tirade ever since google + was enforced among YouTubers (and completely messed with the site).

    • Hi Breanna

      Thanks for your comments.
      I agree about Google+ taking over the profiles in many products. But I believe it was optional since I received the recommendation to change the profile in my Blogger and YouTube and decided to continue. Latest version of IE is 10 which is used in smartphones and it is true that it has improved a lot. But still it does not have useful features of Chrome. The chrome extensions are one of them – last week I wanted to cut some MP3 files and I got one app in Chrome to do that instead of installing a desktop version.

      Please write your thoughts about my comments

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